the crossroads

Curated Reads for the Courageous Seeker

Ordering Your Private World

Gordan MacDonald (2017)

I can't quite recall who first pointed me toward this exceptional book—perhaps it was my mentor, or maybe I stumbled upon it through another inspiring read. Whatever the case, Gordon Macdonald’s "Ordering Your Private World" has become a cornerstone of my yearly reading ritual. This gem delves deeply into the crucial yet often overlooked aspects of inner spiritual management and organization. Macdonald expertly guides readers on how to align their inner lives with the relentless external demands they face, promoting not just spiritual health but overall effectiveness in every facet of life. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to nurture their spiritual well-being while keeping pace with their worldly responsibilities.

Heaven-better by far

J. Oswald sanders (2013)

In my quest to understand the Bible's depiction of heaven, I discovered this enlightening book. "Heaven—Better by Far" offers a compelling and scriptural portrait of the eternal dwelling place of believers. J. Oswald Sanders masterfully draws from biblical texts to craft a vision of heaven that is both comforting and inspiring. This book is truly captivating—it's difficult to put down once you start reading. As one of the most delightful and insightful books I've read, it profoundly explores the Christian concept of heaven. This classic is a treasure for anyone seeking clarity and hope about our heavenly future.

The story of reaLIty

gregory Koukl (2017)

Gregory Koukl's "The Story of Reality" offers a compelling apologetic perspective, presenting a clear, concise narrative of the universe through a Christian lens. Koukl, a respected voice in Christian thought and one of my favorite educators, skillfully outlines the fundamental elements of the Christian worldview. The book is accessible, straightforward, and insightful, making complex theological concepts easy to grasp. It provides a thoughtful exploration of the origins, ultimate destiny, and key events of the universe, equipping readers with a robust framework to understand and articulate their faith. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in a rational and articulate exploration of Christian beliefs. I regularly listen to Koukl's podcast, which echoes the clarity and insight found in his writing.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

Donald S. Whitney (2014)

Recommended to me by a mentor, this book has profoundly shaped my spiritual practices. Donald S. Whitney offers an insightful and thorough guide to spiritual disciplines such as prayer, worship, and meditation, which are crucial for nurturing personal growth and a vibrant faith. I've developed a consistent daily Bible reading routine largely influenced by Whitney's practical suggestions. Having listened to the audiobook while following along in the hardcopy, I've revisited this transformative work countless times—some pages are now notably worn. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to deepen their faith. It has left a lasting impact on me, and I've shared it with more people than I can count. Read this book and watch your faith grow!

Why Revival Tarries

Leonard Ravenhill (2017)

Leonard Ravenhill's writing will ignite a deep yearning for more of his insightful works. His quotations are contagious, brimming with profound truth that resonates deeply. This book's clarity challenges the complacent, stirring a holy discomfort among fervent believers. I discovered this compelling read following a conversation with a cherished friend and pastor from Nigeria. "Why Revival Tarries" serves as a passionate summons for both personal and communal revival. It insightfully discusses the essential conditions and divine timing of spiritual renewals. Prepare yourself; this book will transform your zeal for the faith.